A Knoxville woman was arrested this week for an alleged hit-and-run of a toddler on Wednesday. She says she was drinking at the time of the car accident. The woman has a history of traffic and criminal violations, including driving with a revoked license and a drunk driving conviction.

An 18-month-old was apparently hit by a car at about 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday. The owner of the Dodge Intrepid involved in the accident fled. Police later tracked the woman down, apparently determining she was the driver.

The boy, meanwhile, was taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center and was listed in stable condition, according to KnoxNews.com.

The woman was reportedly charged with driving on a revoked license and leaving the scene of an accident. More charges could be filed, since police say she admitted to drinking. Police say she has a criminal history that includes DUI, assault, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

She apparently has traffic violations dating back to 1987 and was convicted of driving under the influence in 1993, after which her license was revoked for two years. She later pleaded guilty to driving without a license, according to KnoxNews.com.

The woman could be facing some serious charges for the most recent incident. The young toddler, meanwhile, could face a long road to recovery, and his family will likely have to deal with large medical bills and insurance claims. A qualified attorney could help them with the process.

Source: KnoxNews, “Toddler hit by car in stable condition; Knoxville woman with record charged,” Lance Coleman, Oct. 27, 2011