When driving on the interstate highway in Tennessee, it can be scary when an obstacle is lying in the middle of the road, and sometimes a crash can be unavoidable. But when the object in the middle of the highway is a parked car, the consequences can be much direr. This is what happened on the past Monday near Madison, when a crash with a Lexus SUV caused a fire that killed the vehicle’s driver.

WSMV News 4 reports that at the time of the accident, the SUV was stopped in the middle of one of the lanes of the highway. Whether there was a defect in the vehicle, an error made on the part of the driver or some other cause of the vehicle stopping where it did is unknown due to the fact that it was completely destroyed in the crash, with the driver purportedly being killed instantly.

Currently, the driver has not been identified due to the fire melting the license plate and VIN number, and the driver’s body being unrecognizable as a result of extensive burns. The accident occurred when a tractor trailer struck the vehicle. As a result, the trailer was flipped on its side, blocking all lanes of traffic. The highway was closed past 10:00 pm, even after the trailer was put upright. The accident occurred at 7:00 pm.

Those who have been the victims of severe car accidents could be suffering from catastrophic injuries. It may be possible to obtain financial compensation for the pain and suffering involved, and an attorney in the local area who practices personal injury law may be able to help.