Evading police is never a smart idea, and initiating a chase is even more foolish. Not only are there significant legal implications, but it puts you and your passengers, police officers and innocent bystanders at unnecessary risk.

A car accident resulting from a police chase in Washington County illustrates the point perfectly. It all started with an armed robbery involving two men and one woman on Sand Valley Road. They apparently fled the scene of the robbery in a red Chevy Cavalier and headed down Highway 81 South. They were chased by sheriff’s deputies.

One deputy farther down the road, near Charlie Hoss Road, was laying down a spike strip across the road to put an end to the chase. Unfortunately, the Cavalier struck him, causing him to sustain several injuries, including a broken arm and possible compound fractures, according to TriCities.com. He apparently underwent surgery and was said to be doing okay.

Fellow officers say the sheriff’s deputy was following protocol when the accident occurred.

The Cavalier eventually crashed and officers caught up with the suspects after they fled on foot. They now will face various charges of robbery, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and evading arrest. The driver of the car who fled the scene was also charged with attempted first degree murder.

A preliminary hearing for all three suspects is set for Jan. 12. They are being held on bond ranging from $75,000 to $201,000, TriCities reports.

Source: TriCities.com, “Update: Preliminary hearing set for car chase suspects that injured officer,” Melissa Hipolit and Lizz Marrs, Jan. 2, 2012