A car and a CARTA bus reportedly collided at the intersection of Carter and Main St. in Tennessee, leaving eight people potentially injured. An eyewitness reported that the car accident occurred as a result of the car not stopping appropriately at the intersection.

The eyewitness stated that he saw the car fail to stop at a stop sign. The bus was approaching the intersection at the same time and allegedly hit the car twice. The eyewitness further stated that he had medical training and assisted the passengers of both the car and the bus following the collision. The bus reportedly went out of control and through a fence to finally stop on a patch of grass.

Both the driver and the passenger in the car were taken away for medical treatment, and six of the passengers within the bus were also taken to the hospital. One of the passengers in the car is reported to be in serious condition, but the bus passengers were listed with non-life-threatening injuries.

It is not known whether charges are going to be filed against either driver, and it is possible that the investigation is still ongoing. However, if the driver did fail to stop at the stop sign, he may be found negligent and responsible for the injuries to the six bus passengers as well as the passenger in his car. If found negligent in the accident, the car driver may find himself responsible for the medical costs of those injured within the crash along with any property damage and any other applicable compensation necessary. A motor vehicle accident attorney may be able to reduce the damage claims by either constructing a reasonable defense or making sure that all the claims against the driver are valid.

Source: WDEF.COM, “Bus crash sends eight people to the hospital“, Erik Avanier, June 03, 2013