As a driver in Tennessee, you may feel as though tractor trailers threaten your safety on the road. You may, in fact, be justified in feeling this way. The national truck accident fatality rate has increased steadily from 3,211 deaths in 2009 to more than 3,906 deaths in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As a result, several government agencies have enacted laws and implemented guidelines regulating truck drivers and trucking companies. One recent rule requires the installation of electronic stability control systems on certain large buses and heavy trucks.

The rule was passed in 2015, and applies to buses and tractor trailers that have a total weight of more than 26,000 pounds, as reported by USA Today. Electronic stability control technology detects when a vehicle begins to lose traction, or its ability to grip the road. When these massive trucks lose stability and begin to skid, they run the risk of rolling over or spinning out. ESC helps by preventing vehicles from veering off course when they encounter an emergency situation, like bad weather conditions, poorly maintained roads or hazardous drivers.

You may already own a car, motorcycle or light truck that is equipped with an electronic stability control system, since this technology is common in smaller vehicles. ESC has already helped to save thousands of lives, and officials predict that the mandatory use of this technology in larger trucks will help to prevent more than 1,700 large truck accidents each year.

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