Tennessee residents like you may have a long road to recovery after a crash. This is particularly true if you end up with a head injury. Injuries to the brain often come with extensive, far reaching consequences that impact other areas of your life. 

For example, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often affect short term memory. You might find your memory so heavily impacted that it even affects your ability to work. 

Effects of short term memory damage 

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center examines the impact of TBIs on your memory. This is particularly prevalent with short term memory. Long term memory damage or loss is uncommon, though not unheard of. This is the loss of older memories or the inability to recall things from years ago. 

Short term memory loss happens much more often. This impacts your ability to recall or store memories between weeks or minutes old. This is a big hurdle in your daily life. As an example, short term memory loss can lead to: 

  • Missed appointments because you forgot the time or date 
  • Misplacing important items like keys or money 
  • Forgetting information you just learned moments earlier 
  • Missing out on obligations because you forgot you promised to do something 

How memory loss affects daily life 

In daily life, this is a source of irritation for you and your loved ones. In a work setting, it is often even worse. You may jeopardize the productivity of your company or hinder your coworkers. You might end up on leave or even at risk of job loss. This is why you may wish to consider your ability to seek compensation.