An Oliver Springs man was struck and killed by his own vehicle in a bizarre and tragic car accident. The death of the Tennessee resident came as a result of two crashes that occurred back to back on the same stretch of Pellissippi Parkway. The first car accident occurred around 8:12 a.m. and the second occurred at approximately 8:15 a.m.

The first accident occurred when a Honda Accord struck a pickup truck. The Accord driver claims that he was blinded by the sun and was unable to see the truck until he put his visor down. At the moment he was able to see the truck, it was too late to avoid the collision.

After the first collision, the driver of the pickup got out of his vehicle. Shortly after he got out, a Toyota Matrix hit the pickup truck, which in turn struck the unprotected man. He died as a result of the impact. The second driver states that he was also blinded by the sun at the time of the crash. There is no indication if either Tennessee driver will be considered at fault for either of the accidents.

A closer investigation may reveal if the surviving family of the deceased victim could be eligible for wrongful death compensation. Even in situations where the death was accidental, it is possible that recompense could be ordered if the other driver is proven liable. Civil liability is typically based upon proof of negligence by another party or parties that is deemed to have caused or materially contributed to the accident and death that resulted. The best way to learn about this option is by a close and careful evaluation of all evidence regarding the car accident.

Source:, OS man killed in crash on Pellissippi, Donna Smith, Jan. 14, 2014