An Oct. 3 six-car crash left a family of four dead and four others injured. The accident, which is still under investigation, began when two cars were stopped for unknown reasons in the middle of I-40 in Wilson County. According to investigators, the two cars were then struck from behind by four other vehicles.

According to sources, a Tennessee woman and mother of two who survived the crash said that she was forced to stop upon seeing patrol cars in the middle of the road. She could not recall additional details prior to the collision. A Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesperson said that the incidents leading to the fatal crash are still being investigated.

The family of four that was killed in the crash hailed from Benton, Kentucky, and included a pastor for Roseland Baptist Church. Police charged a 24-year-old Lebanon man with driving under the influence.

Currently, at least one driver in the pile-up was found to be under the influence. In additional to criminal charges, the man may also face a civil suit from those who were injured and from the family of those killed. As the investigation continues, negligence may be found on the part of some of the other drivers involved as well, and they may face similar consequences.

Funeral expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages due to accident injury and medical expenses are all grounds for civil cases. Those that were injured in the accident and the family members of those killed may want to contact a lawyer to explore their options with regard to compensation. Using police reports, witness accounts and accident reconstruction, a lawyer could potentially build a case that gets those affected recompense for their losses.

Source: WSMV, “Survivor in I-40 crash speaks out“, Alanna Autler, October 05, 2014