Three cars were involved in a collision on an interstate in Tennessee. The incident occurred on Oct. 25 in the morning as the vehicles passed through Memphis going east.

Tennessee police believe that one vehicle, a silver Kia, had pulled over to the side of eastbound I-240 near the Lamar Overpass. They suspect that the man driving the Kia was trying to check and see if one of the tires had popped. A black Chevrolet Impala then struck the vehicle from behind, causing a large collision that scattered debris over the roadway and sent the Impala crashing into a third vehicle, a Nissan.

The man in the Kia was ejected from his vehicle and killed. The woman driving the Impala also suffered fatal wounds. The crash knocked the Impala off the road and down an embankment, but the people inside the vehicle reported only minor injuries.

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Source: The Coloradoan, ‘Two dead after fatal crash; MPD officer involved in separate accident”, Oct. 25, 2014

Source:, “Two dead after fatal crash”, October 25, 2014