Residents of Tennessee like you deal with risks on the road every day. Some of the biggest risks come in the form of distracted drivers, who are engaging in a behavior that is dangerous in many different ways. 

First, distracted driving is dangerous because it can take your hands off of the wheel. This is true for everything from texting to eating. Even taking your hand from the wheel long enough to change the temperature or adjust your radio station could be enough to cause you to crash. Taking a single hand from the wheel can result in a loss of fine control that could have helped you avoid any incidents. 

Second, it takes your eyes off of the road. When you travel 60 miles per hour, you cross the distance of a football field in 3 seconds. This means that even glancing down at your phone to read a text message can result in you crashing into another vehicle or even drifting into another lane of traffic or off of the road entirely. 

Finally, it can take your mind off of driving. This lowers your reaction times and makes it harder for you to spot danger that you may have otherwise noticed in advance. As with the other two categories, this can therefore increase your chances of getting into a crash that you may have avoided. 

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