Court proceedings have begun in the case of a Tennessee hit-and-run accident. The accused driver on trial is being charged for the collision 18 months after the accident originally occurred in Memphis. The car accident resulted in the death of a local motorcyclist.

The accused driver was brought to court on Sept. 9. Reports claim that the man was operating a business truck without a driver’s license when he struck and killed the passing motorcyclist on Third Street in Memphis in 2012. The motorcyclist was a mechanic and was reportedly en route to work on another vehicle when he was fatally injured in the accident.

The court proceedings came as a surprise to the motorcyclist’s widow as she allegedly learned of the trial 18 months after the incident occurred. She has apparently spoken to news outlets about her forgiveness of the accused driver who fatally injured her husband. The accused is being charged with not having a driver’s license and leaving the scene of an accident involving a death.

While the case remains open as of mid-September, it is unknown of the outcome. For those who are injured or who have lost loved ones in a hit-and-run accident in Tennessee, a lengthy court trial can prolong their pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney may be capable of working with those involved in the accident to compile adequate evidence from the scene. The attorney could be able to work with the plaintiff’s insurance company to ensure that vehicle damages and medical expenses are sufficiently covered, and the attorney may be capable of recreating the accident with an investigator and bringing his or her findings to court.

Source: WMCTV, “Hit and run suspect heads to court“, September 09, 2013