There is little that can be done to ease the pain after a car crash takes the life of a family member, particularly when that member is a young adult. Investigations of wrongful death and liability often follow a fatal Tennessee car accident where the other driver was believed to be at fault. Many people might wonder what can be done when both parties are killed in an accident. Last week in Maryville, a 16-year-old girl was running an errand after school when a man driving a reported 73mph in a 55mph zone on Highway 411 crashed into her car, head-on. Both drivers died in the crash.

Wrongful death means that there was life lost from negligence on someone else’s part, sometimes unnecessary. In this case, the family of the teen driver is mourning her death and regarding this loss as something that could have been avoided if the other driver hadn’t been speeding. It can be difficult to know where to turn after an accident such as this.

Being aware of the facts from the scene and what was found through any investigation can help a family find closure. An investigation can also help seek damages and compensation. Although no amount of compensation can undo an accident, it can help a family properly honor their loved one.

The investigation is still ongoing for this particular accident, but it is reported that the teen driver was wearing her seatbelt and believed to be going the speed limit. If a family finds itself in a similar situation, they might be wise to speak with an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a family understand what legal options they might have after a fatal Tennessee car accident. Knowing where to turn after this kind of tragedy could provide some financial support and maybe even a small bit of closure.

Source:, “Family mourns Maryville teen killed in head-on crash,” Mike Krafcik, Aug. 15, 2012