A car accident in Wilson County led to the death of an oncologist on Aug. 5. The crash occurred around 9 p.m. when a man driving on Stewarts Ferry Pike reportedly did not stop at a traffic light and ended up hitting the side of a car that was traveling on South Mt. Juliet Road. The driver who reportedly caused the accident was a 20-year-old man who is now facing multiple charges related to the accident and the fatality.

The younger man’s vehicle struck the driver’s side of the 59-year-old doctor’s car, killing the doctor instantly and causing both vehicles to go off the road into a ditch. There were multiple witnesses to the accident, and at least three people called 911. One witness said that he thought that a man who had his head against the steering wheel was seriously injured.

Another witness relayed seeing the 20-year-old driver get out of his car and stumble. There was evidence that the driver had been drinking alcohol and had taken drugs, according to a traffic report. A blood test was administered, but the results were unavailable three days later. The driver was charged with felony reckless endangerment and received a citation for not yielding to a traffic signal, but authorities are considering a charge of vehicular homicide.

When people lose their lives in auto accidents caused by reckless or negligent drivers, families could look into the possibility of filing wrongful death claims. Attorneys could offer assistance in these cases by working with investigatory agencies to assess the circumstances of the crashes and discuss legal strategies to negotiate for fair compensation.

Source: WKRN, “Hermitage doctor killed in Wilson County crash, Driver charged“, August 08, 2014