In January of last year, I tripped at an apartment complex on an uneven surface that was carelessly left unmarked and obstructed from my view without any caution tape or warning sign.  I suffered a fractured left wrist, head, back and knee injuries, and severe facial bruising. I had pain for 3 to 4 weeks, and it took a total of 8 weeks to heal. I experienced forgetfulness at work due to a concussion. I’m an avid walker but didn’t feel safe walking for a month due to the injuries.

I showed a family member some pictures of where I fell, and we agreed that the uneven surface could be dangerous for others too. At that time, I also began receiving emails from my insurance company asking if someone else was responsible for my fall. The family member recommended attorney Mark Floyd with Pryor, Priest & Harber. I decided to call Mark Floyd because I didn’t want anyone else to trip and fall and have to go through the pain and suffering I experienced with my injuries. Plus, I felt my insurance company shouldn’t have to pay for my medical care for something that was not my fault. Mark Floyd sued the business to cover the cost my insurance company had paid for my medical expenses. To my surprise, I also received money to compensate me for my care which I didn’t expect!

Mr. Floyd was wonderful to work with. He was very direct, which I appreciated. He kept in touch with me. He advised me on the status of the case and what was happening. The situation was nerve-racking, but Mr. Floyd made it easy. I saw him in July and had the settlement completed by December.

I feel relieved. I’m so happy my insurance company was reimbursed and that I received something I didn’t expect. I hope this motivates the negligent business to fix the uneven surface so that no one else suffers a painful injury like me.