Running out of gas is an annoyance, but it’s usually not dangerous. However, when people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, tragedy can strike. That’s especially true when other drivers approach the area in a reckless manner. That appears to be what happened in a fatal accident in Knoxville early yesterday morning.

Two women, one of whom was several months pregnant, apparently ran out of gas outside a man’s Knoxville residence on Washington Pike at about 2 a.m. They sought help from the man, who got them some gas and fueled up their car.

The women hugged the man as a thank-you just as they were about to leave. Just then, a Ford SUV came barreling down the road at a high speed and crashed into the man and the pregnant woman. The other woman avoided being hit.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene, and the woman’s unborn child did not survive either. The driver of the SUV, meanwhile, fled after striking them.

It’s not clear yet exactly how, but officers found the SUV yesterday and were able to identify the driver. They indicated they would issue arrest warrants once they finished processing the vehicle. Authorities won’t publicly identify the driver until he is arrested, but that appears imminent. The man has already hired an attorney to represent him, according to reports.

It’s not known what charges he could be facing, but they will likely be serious.

Source: Local 8 Online, “Police find driver, SUV in deadly hit and run,” May 30, 2012