Distracted driving is become much more prevalent in Tennessee car accidents. More often than not, the driver is distracted with his or her cell phone. It looks as though this could be the case for one of Tennessee’s recent fatal accidents.

A 22-year-old reportedly looked at her phone as it vibrated. The phone fell into the seat next to hear, at which time she realized that there was a stopped vehicle ahead of her with no warning or brake lights illuminated. She was able to stop her car from hitting this vehicle, but was unable to avoid colliding with another vehicle after she swerved over the median. That vehicle was driven by a 49-year-old woman, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Currently, the investigation is ongoing, as there are numerous factors that are in play. The accident is being reconstructed by specialists so they can get a clearer idea of exactly what happened that day. The police have currently not charged the driver, nor have they issued any citations; however, it is still possible that criminal charges could arise.

Whether the driver’s cell phone use had anything to do with this accident is still up in the air with police, but this story goes to show the potential dangers of distracted driving. Fatal accidents occur every day in Tennessee and all over the country, causing families of victims to suffer both emotionally and financially due to their losses. For some families, charges against the responsible driver are filed, but it does little to ease their pain. Some families find relief in knowing that there is legal recourse available that may result in financial compensation for their pain and suffering.

Source: Columbia Daily Herald, Police continue to probe fatal wreck, Chris Moorman and Kate Coil, Jan. 29, 2014