The Tennessee Highway Patrol has stated that a one-vehicle crash on Interstate 40 took the life of a pedestrian, although authorities have not released the victim’s identity or any information related to the cause of the crash. The car accident occurred when a vehicle ran off the road into the median, striking a pedestrian and shutting down all eastbound lanes for approximately one hour. No other injuries were reported as a result of the crash.

Many pedestrian crashes on interstate highways involve pedestrians who have exited their vehicles due to another car accident or a breakdown. In some cases, these pedestrians are standing or walking near their own vehicles when another car hits them. However, it is unclear if this was the case in this incident. Police often tell motorists to remain in their cars if they have a breakdown as this may offer more safety on a busy interstate.

Authorities continue to investigate the crash and may release more information as it becomes available. Currently, authorities are withholding the identities of the victim and driver, as well as any information on what led the driver to leave the interstate and swerve into the median.

A personal injury attorney may represent the family of a pedestrian victim who has been killed in a collision with a car. A wrongful death suit on behalf of the victim may be filed by the surviving family members and may include pleas for various types of damages. These damages may include compensation for loss of love and affection of the victim, as well as lost future income the victim might have earned. Furthermore, families may decide to seek payment of medical bills, funeral expenses and other costs directly associated with the accident.

Source: WBBJ Eyewitness News, “Pedestrian Killed in Late Night Crash“, May 18, 2013