The Tennessee roadways are undoubtedly dangerous with auto accidents unfortunately common. However, motor vehicle accidents can happen anywhere, especially parking lots. Driving recklessly, failing to pay strict attention, driving under the influence – all can spark a collision with injuries and fatalities. Children are highly vulnerable. One recent accident exemplified this danger.

Woman arrested after parking lot crash

Two children were hit by a car in a parking lot for an apartment complex and the female driver, 28, was arrested. Both children were male, ages 9 and 7. The accident occurred in the evening at around 8 p.m. One of the kids was on a bicycle and the other was walking nearby. The woman, driving a 2005 Acura MDX was said to have been speeding when the crash happened. The 9-year-old was rushed to the hospital and later died. The 7-year-old was injured, but his life is not believed to be at risk.

All three were residents at the apartment complex. When law enforcement came to investigate, they found that the woman may have been under the influence of alcohol. She then admitted to drinking alcohol. A cup in the vehicle smelled of tequila. She was given a sobriety test, which she failed. She faces multiple charges linked to the collision.

Financial and personal ramifications can be immense after auto accidents

Any incident where people are injured or killed in a car crash will result in challenges. Those who are injured but survive will be confronted with medical care and the accompanying expenses. They may need to have care for the basics of everyday living. Work can be a problem or outright impossible. This can lead to major financial issues. If there is a fatality, the family left behind might deal with the same problems in addition to the emotional impact of an unexpected death. If the victims are children, it is exponentially worse. Although it can be hard to consider finances in such a situation, it remains important to discuss a claim with a legal professional to recover compensation.

A qualified legal firm may help with a filing

When there is a pedestrian accident, people should be aware of all the issues that can come about in its aftermath. When children were the victims, this can be a long-term personal and financial hardship that should be addressed immediately. The investigation is critical, particularly when the driver is accused of DUI and recklessness. Calling a legal firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents can be helpful when considering a lawsuit.