Although it only takes a few seconds for motor vehicle drivers and passengers in Tennessee to buckle up before hitting the road, many neglect to do so. Unfortunately, a surprising number of lives are lost as a result of this simple oversight. In fact, the Governor’s Highway Safety Office reported that the number of people who wore seat belts last year dropped to 86.6 percent. In an effort to increase the seat belt compliance rate to above 90 percent, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office has launched a campaign encouraging everyone to buckle up every time they drive or ride in a vehicle.

The Seatbelts Are For Everyone campaign is aimed at informing the public of what could happen when they fail to wear a seat belt. According to the GHSO, approximately half of all motor vehicle accident fatalities in the state involve people who were not restrained during a collision. Sadly, these are lives that could have possibly been saved had they remembered to buckle up.

In addition to spreading information to the public through traditional routes at safety and seat belt events, this year the campaign will involve community high schools. Students will have access to the Seat Belt Convincer simulator, which shows teens what could happen if they are involved in a low speed collision without being restrained.

While many new vehicles come equipped with the latest technology and safety devices, the seat belt continues to be one of the most critical life savers. People who are involved in a serious auto accident, and have sustained injuries or have lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence, may want to speak to a personal injury attorney in Tennessee. A lawyer may be able to answer questions regarding personal injury cases and what options are available.

Source: WGNS News Radio, “50% of those killed in Tennessee auto accidents were not wearing seatbelts,” Jan 28, 2016.