Motorcycle crashes are on the rise in Tennessee. Bikers should practice caution and appropriate safety protocols when they are out riding. According to Consumer Reports, the number of bikers who died in 2015 from vehicle wrecks was 5,000. With the number of motorists on the roads this holiday season approaching an all-time high, priority should be given to motorcycle safety.

Pay attention to road conditions

Bikers should pay attention to current road conditions and driving trends. For example, there is more traffic on the roads during the holiday season, increasing the risk of accident and injury for both car drivers and bikers. Motorcyclists should remain alert, pay attention to their surroundings and other vehicles at all times and drive according to the flow of traffic.

Cut out the reckless behavior

Some bikers use their vehicles to weave in and out of traffic and ignore road courtesies. Others may restrain their bad driving habits until after they encounter other reckless driving motorists. Proper respect and courtesy should be given to all drivers at all times.

Wear motorcycle proper gear

Riders should dress for the weather by wearing the right gear, such as eye protection, riding pants, riding gloves and boots. These articles of clothing can provide riders with a great deal of protection in the event of crashes. Helmets should be worn even though they are not required by law, states Ultimate Motorcycling. The use of helmets can help to keep riders from sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Motorcyclists should avoid engaging in risky activities before they hit the road. Alcohol should be avoided because it inhibits reaction times, judgment, perception and driving abilities. Prescription drug use should be done with caution because they may be potential side effects that can interfere with a biker’s ability to safely maneuver their vehicle.

Riders who practice motorcycle safety are able to enjoy the freedom and excitement of the roads far longer than those who do not. Participating in regular refresher riding courses and vehicle inspections can also help to keep bikers safe.