Trampolines: Are they a danger to children?


A trampoline may seem like a fun toy, but the danger they pose may not be worth it. Find out more about common injuries, along with how to safety tips.

Many parents install trampolines in their backyards as a fun way for kids to get outside and get some exercise. Indoor trampoline parks are also becoming quite popular. However, the draw of a trampoline can lead to many injuries, especially in young children. They should not be treated like toys. Just as swimming pools pose a risk, trampolines do, too, and homeowners need to be made aware.

Common injuries

Children get injured on trampolines quite often. While many injuries are minor, there are also many that are quite serious. Live Science notes the most common injuries differ based on whether a child is at home or at a park. Home injuries most often include injuries to the head. Park injuries usually involve the legs. The most common type of injuries overall, though, are sprains and breaks. However, spinal cord injuries can also occur. explains that in addition to those serious injuries, parents may also see bruises, cuts and scrapes.

Injuries may require surgery or cause lasting effects on a child’s health, especially his or her mobility. In some cases, children have died due to injuries sustained on trampolines.

How injuries occur

The nature of a trampoline makes it risky. Children jump and are sprung into the air. They may land wrong or even fall off the trampoline. Typically, injuries are more likely to occur when there is more than one person on the trampoline when a person could land on another person or strike them with a limb. Doing stunts, such as flips, also increases the chances of an accident.

Preventing injuries

The best way to prevent catastrophic injuries is to not allow children on a trampoline. However, if homeowners wish to allow children to use theirs, it is recommended that they be supervised the whole time they are jumping. Only one person should be allowed on at a time. Stunts should be forbidden, and safety devices, such as nets and padding should be used. USA Today explains the recommendation is that children under the age of 6 should never be allowed on a trampoline even with supervision.

Having a trampoline puts a lot of responsibility on the homeowner. Homeowners should always make sure they are aware of who is jumping on their trampoline and provide adequate protection to guard against injuries. For more information on protecting yourself from liability, you should consider contacting an attorney, such as Pryor, Priest, and Harber.