Although Tennessee is not one of the 11 states in the nation that penalizes overly aggressive drivers, road rage poses a serious danger to motorists. These hostile drivers are involved in approximately 56 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths across the country, according to the Insurance Information Institute. When motorists become enraged, they often exhibit certain dangerous driving behaviors that increase the risk of tragic collisions, injuries and fatalities.

After evaluating 2013 car accident fatalities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that excessive speed and drunk driving were the top two aggressive behaviors that lead to fatal car accidents.  Drivers should also look for other common warning signs of road rage, which include the following:

  •          Racing with other vehicles
  •          Running stop signs and traffic signals
  •          Tailgating or following too close
  •          Switching lanes abruptly without signaling, weaving in and out of traffic
  •          Passing vehicles illegally, such as on the shoulder, over the median or in a ditch
  •          Honking, flashing lights, yelling and/or giving other rude gestures

According to a survey conducted by AAA, eight out of 10 motorists could be classified as aggressive drivers. This surprising number brings to light just how serious of a threat road rage is to Tennessee motorists.

People with road rage are threatening and put other peoples’ lives at risk. Motorists who see people driving erratically are encouraged to call and report the incident to law enforcement. Furthermore, drivers should avoid engaging with or aggravating hostile drivers in order to avoid becoming involved in an auto accident.