Every person in Tennessee knows that car accidents can and do happen. However, this is not what most people think of every time they get into a vehicle nor should they. Everyone deserves the ability to believe that all drivers will make wise choices and they will arrive at their intended destinations safely. When this does not happen, it is reasonable for people to want to seek answers to questions and some sort of compensation for their losses or injuries.

Today family members of three people killed in a tragic and dramatic accident may well be in this exact position. This is because their loved ones were essentially burnt to death after a car crash ignited into a burst of a flames. The incident is said to have been caused by a driver who crossed over into the opposing lane of traffic. This vehicle was said to have been moving faster than the speed limit although how much faster is not known. It is also not known if alcohol or distraction may have been factors.

Once driving the wrong way, the vehicle engaged in a head-on crash. Both of these vehicles caught on fire. A third vehicle also ended up hitting the second one. In total four people had injuries identified as critical and three people were killed. Their bodies were burnt so badly that dental records will be the only way to positively identify them.

Grieving Tennessee residents deserve to know that they may learn about compensation options in times like these by talking with an experienced lawyer.

Source: WREG.com, “Three killed in fatal Southeast Shelby County crash,” Daniel Rubio and Luke Jones, January 5, 2018