Many motorists in Knoxville are not aware that some of their bad habits are contributing causes to motor vehicle accidents. There are many other factors that increase the risk of car and motorcycle accidents. However, many common driving errors are made when drivers misbehave while operating their vehicles. Many vehicles are equipped with technology and advanced safety features that embolden many vehicle operators to exhibit risky behaviors. According to, during the first half of 2016, 18,000 motorists died in fatal collisions.” 

How bad habits cause human error behind the wheel 

Driving while distracted, tired, intoxicated and recklessly are becoming so common nowadays that many people accept those behaviors as normal. Erroneous driving decisions are the biggest cause of motor vehicle accidents, states the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Instead of understanding the dangers of those actions, they engage in them and influence young and inexperienced drivers to do them as well. Motorists who drive while distracted, such as eat, drink, reach for objects, mess with car features on their infotainment systems and fatigued are not capable of driving safely, and are more likely to make serious mistakes that can lead to collisions, serious injuries and death. 

The roads no longer have their full attention, causing them to make the following mistakes: 

  •        Failure to recognize hazardous situations
  •        Indecisiveness
  •        Falling asleep
  •        Recklessness
  •        Rushed and delayed driving maneuvers 

Most driving errors are preventable. Drivers who operate their vehicles defensively, remain fully attentive to the roads and their surroundings, follow all traffic signs and laws and stay clear of reckless and inattentive drivers can maneuver the roads safely with minimal mistakes and accidents.