While most drivers in Tennessee aren’t racing their cars when they are involved in an accident, the recent several-car crash involving Dale Earnhardt may be more relatable than some might think. The racecar driver suffered a concussion that took him out of the scheduled races for several weeks and only in the last week was he cleared to get back out onto the track. Such an injury can occur in any kind of car accident and, once you have one you are far more susceptible to repeat injuries.

Earnhardt suffered his concussion while racing at Talladega on Oct. 7. This injury came only a month and some change after a similar one from a crash in late August, sources say. Earnhardt was reported to have explained that while it was odd not driving in the races he missed while recovering, he wanted to make sure to heal before he got back out there, per his doctor’s instructions. He was on leave for two weeks and reportedly spent time building up to his normal functionality.

The likelihood of getting a concussion grows incredibly after you’ve already sustained one. For Tennessee drivers who have already recovered from one, being sure you’ve healed before getting back to your normal daily life and driving once again can help lower the risk of a second brain injury. While the risks remain for everyone, new research is being done about the effects of traumatic brain injuries, such as concussion, and physicians continue to work toward the best ways of recovery for their injured patients.

There have been more and more athletes with concussions in the news lately and this example may help Tennessee residents to be more aware of how serious a car crash can be. Whether one occurred due to a sport, a car accident or a mixture of both as in this case, contacting an attorney who specializes in personal injury could help if you believe your injury was due to the negligence of someone else. It may not make your recovery process any faster, but it could help with any lost wages or medical bills and to move forward from such an accident.

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